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I like to keep designing new themes for our site because it keeps things more lively, and I think it’s fun to design things around all of Kacey’s cool photo shoots. So, here is the third theme we’ve had on Kacey-Musgraves.net! I hope y’all like it.

We’ve also added a new outtake from Kacey’s photo shoot for the “Follow Your Arrow” music video! Check that out here.

Gallery Update

Hey guys! News is pretty slow lately but things should start to pick up because the ACM’s are in just a couple of weeks, and Kacey’s new single Keep it to Yourself has just been announced! In the meantime, you can check out some new photos from events that Kacey performed at and attended at the end of February. ♥

Performing in 2014 > February 21: Take Me Downtown Tour in Fairfax, VA

Performing in 2014 > February 12: San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in San Antonio, TX

Appearances in 2014 > February 19: Country Radio Seminar [Day 1]

Kacey Musgraves – The Shure Interview

“Keep it to Yourself” is Kacey’s 4th Single!

Are you guys as stoked for this as we are? I really hope this song makes a big impact on country radio so more people realize how amazing Kacey truly is. Read the article below:

The fourth single from Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Same Trailer Different Park’ album isn’t nearly as risky as her last, or the two before it. ‘Keep It to Yourself’ is a straight-forward country heartbreak song that finds the singer turning the corner on the depression that often comes after a bad breakup.

Musgraves performs the song in the same understated way she sings almost everything on ‘Same Trailer …’ ‘Stupid’ may be the one exception to the quiet coffee shop tone she’s made her signature. This isn’t to say her words lack impact, however. Once again, the Texan’s sharp songwriting is on display.

“You turn on the light then you turn it back off / ‘Cause sleepin’ alone, yeah, it ain’t what you thought / It’s the drip of the sink, it’s the click of the clock / And you’re wondering if I’m sleepin’,” Musgraves sings to begin this song.

Some will say this is Musgraves’ most “pure country” release to date, and production-wise, that holds true. Piano and the familiar whine of a pedal steel power the moodiness of this ballad. Lyrically, her stories have always been expressions of real life events, which is one definition of country music. The packaging for ‘Keep It to Yourself’ is just easier to hold and access.

“Keep it to yourself / If you think that you still love me put it on a shelf / If you’re lookin’ for someone, make it someone else / When you’re drunk / And it’s late / And you’re missin’ me like hell / Keep it to yourself,” she adds in the chorus.

‘Follow Your Arrow’ received a ton of attention, but not much radio airplay. ‘Keep It to Yourself’ is vanilla by comparison, but like everything Musgraves writes and records, the song takes a familiar experience and makes it sound very unique and very fresh.

Why Fans Will Love It: The understated love song expresses how many feel as they begin to get over a broken relationship. It’s nice to have a song like this that doesn’t involve violence.

Key Lyrics: “When you’re drunk / And it’s late / And you’re missin’ me like hell / Keep it to yourself”

Did You Know?: Musgraves has a lot riding on her current relationship with boyfriend Misa Arriaga. He’s a key member of her band, playing guitar and often adding backing vocals.

[Taste of Country]

“Bourbon in Kentucky” Featuring Kacey Musgraves

Dierks Bentley released a new music video for his song featuring Kacey Musgraves “Bourbon in Kentucky.” Kacey isn’t in the video, but if you haven’t heard the song, you can hear it now and watch the video.

New Uncategorized Images Update

I have added some new, miscellaneous photos of Kacey to our gallery today. These are some really fun pictures, so be sure to check them out! Thanks to Kelly for some of these!

New Additions:
» Uncategorized Images > Personal Photos
» Uncategorized Images > Live Images
» Sessions from 2013 > Session #29

Article: “Kacey Musgraves OK with FOrging her own Path

Here’s a new article posted two days ago from Suntimes – enjoy!

Taking the stage at the Grammy Awards last month with a flowing gown of blush pink, Nashville-based singer/songwriter Kacey Musgraves made a tearjerker of an acceptance speech for best country song (“Merry Go ‘Round”) and best country album (“Same Trailer Different Park”). Minutes later, the 25-year-old Texan ditched the flowing gown for a country-western get-up featuring illuminated boots.

In just a short time, Musgraves showed the world that she truly does follow her arrow, wherever it points.

“[Laughs] Yes, I saw a lot of people in that crowd a bit wonderstruck by our electric suits,” says Musgraves of the Grammy performance of her latest single, “Follow Your Arrow.” “Getting up on that stage was a full-circle moment and very humbling and flattering. I mean, it’s the highest honor you can receive in music. But I don’t know if it changed my life. It’s hard to get the perspective on that. If anything, it’s going to allow me to stick around and do what I love a lot longer.”

In the year since her debut album was released, Musgraves has gained a legion of fans who find themselves drowning within the lyrics of her songs and keeping her album at the top of the charts — from girls that got “bored and got married” to guys who found the “straight and narrow a bit too straight.”

“I loved watching the album go back to number one after the Grammys,” says Musgraves of “Same Trailer Different Park,” which made her as the first solo female country artist in five years to open at No. 1 with a rookie release. “It’s cool to see a project that means so much to me continue to have life. You only get to make your first record one time. So I want to hold on to it as long as I can.”

With a tour schedule that has Musgraves sharing the stage this summer with everyone from Willie Nelson to Katy Perry, all indications are that the album still has a lot of life and inspiration left to share.

“I could not ask for a more dream career right now,” says Musgraves, who also goes into April with a slew of Academy of Country Music Awards nominations. “The range of people I am touring with pretty much sums me up musically. I am so into traditional tried-and-true classics, but I’m also into a lot of other things. It’s all about bridging those gaps.”

In fact, Musgraves says “Follow Your Arrow” originally had its eyes on Perry, who passed on the song because she thought it sounded more like Musgraves.

“Katy has been a huge champion of mine, whether in terms of my songwriting or my record,” explains Musgraves. “Even when ‘Merry Go Round’ came out, she was already a huge supporter. We have stayed in touch and truly are mutual fans. It’s all about supporting all kinds of genres. It’s the music and the songwriting that is always the common thread there. Plus, I think it’s going to be cool to see a whole different side of music that I haven’t got to see yet.”

Coming into Chicago Feb. 26 alongside Lady Antebellum and Kip Moore, Musgraves says she is no hurry to start, or try to “one up” her last album anytime soon.

“Everything goes downhill when you start doing that,” she says. “You have to keep doing what you have been doing, no matter how many people like or don’t like it.”


Kacey Supports Falling Whistles

Kacey posted this message to her social networks today:

Ever heard of Falling Whistles? I’m wearing one ’cause it’s cute and to support awareness about the craziness going on in Congo and to support a cause that’s helping to bring peace. Children who are too small to carry guns are given whistles instead and sent to the front-lines of war to act as human shields. So..you can wear the whistle as a symbol of protest and be a voice for those kid’s unimaginable fate. I’m designing a one-of-a-kind super neat one that could be yours if you wanna support!

Go to: www.1000whistles.com/kaceymusgraves to enter!!

Sounds amazing! If you guys wanna enter to win Kacey’s personalized whistle, go ahead and visit the link above. This is a really great organization, and something that’s positive for us to support because Kacey supports it!

Lots of New Photo Additions to Our Gallery

Hey guys! The past few days I’ve been snowed in with not much else to do, so I have had plenty of time to add a ton of gorgeous new photos of Kacey to our gallery. I also made screen captures of Kacey’s videos for Blowin’ Smoke and Merry Go ‘Round. Our site is growing & growing everyday, and I am so excited about that! Anyway, thank you guys for your visits, support, and picture donations. :) Enjoy all the new Kacey images!

New Additions:
Appearances in 2013 > April 7: Academy of Country Music Awards [Show]
» Appearances in 2013 > April 7: Academy Of Country Music Awards [Arrivals]
» Appearances in 2013 > June 4: CMT Music Awards [Rehearsals]
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» Professional Photo Shoots > Sessions from 2013 > Session #26
» Uncategorized Images > Younger Years
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» Music Videos > “Merry Go ‘Round” > Screen Captures
» Music Videos > “Blowin’ Smoke” > Screen Captures
» Performing in 2013 > September 19: Bowery Ballroom in New York City
» Performing in 2013 > April 24: US99.5 Live Country at Joe’s Bar in Chicago
» Performing in 2014 > January 12: Take Me Downtown Tour in Roanoke, VA

Videos, Pictures of Kacey’s Episode of ‘Austin City Limits’

Kacey performed on the last episode of Austin City Limits‘ 39th season this past weekend, though it was pre-recorded on November 25 of last year. Watch her performances below, and watch the interview with Kacey at this link. The full episode cannot be embedded, but click here to just watch the whole thing through. We are adding photos now – so check back! We have added new medium-quality photos to our photo gallery. These are some of Kacey’s most beautiful photos, so do check them out below. ♥

Appearances in 2013 > November 25: Taping of ‘Austin City Limits’ [Performance]

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