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Kacey Musgraves Online Has A Brand New Design

Kacey Musgraves Online Has A Brand New Design

Hello there, Kacey fans! As you can see, has a brand new theme featuring Kacey’s Crossroads taping with Katy Perry. You can view all those amazing photos in our gallery! The photo gallery also has a brand new design too where we used Kacey’s brand new Elle Magazine photo shoot – view it here! I thought it would be great to start the summer season off with fresh, new looks on our site!

Please leave a comment or tweet us what you think! We love to hear from y’all!

Site Update: New Gallery Theme!

Hey everyone! The past two days I have been working on a new gallery theme for the site, since we had the other one for about 4 months. I figured it was time for a change! I used this photo for the main image. It’s one of my favorites of Kacey! Hope y’all like the new theme – go check it out! ♥

Kacey Musgraves Online – Version 3

I like to keep designing new themes for our site because it keeps things more lively, and I think it’s fun to design things around all of Kacey’s cool photo shoots. So, here is the third theme we’ve had on! I hope y’all like it.

We’ve also added a new outtake from Kacey’s photo shoot for the “Follow Your Arrow” music video! Check that out here.

Kacey Musgraves Online Has A New Layout & Introducing The Forum

So, as you guys can see I’ve put up a brand-new layout! I spent hours making this theme, and I really hope you guys like it! I used Kacey’s Grammy portraits for the main images, and I decided to use aqua and pink as the main colors as they match the details on her dress! Please leave your comments about the theme, and be sure to let me know if there are any issues you come across! ♥

Along with a brand new look, we have also launched the first-ever Kacey Musgraves Online Community!!! You can visit and join the community here. At the community, you can easily register and start posting about Kacey! I encourage you guys to join because it’ll be a lot of fun!