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Kacey Supports Falling Whistles

Kacey posted this message to her social networks today:

Ever heard of Falling Whistles? I’m wearing one ’cause it’s cute and to support awareness about the craziness going on in Congo and to support a cause that’s helping to bring peace. Children who are too small to carry guns are given whistles instead and sent to the front-lines of war to act as human shields. can wear the whistle as a symbol of protest and be a voice for those kid’s unimaginable fate. I’m designing a one-of-a-kind super neat one that could be yours if you wanna support!

Go to: to enter!!

Sounds amazing! If you guys wanna enter to win Kacey’s personalized whistle, go ahead and visit the link above. This is a really great organization, and something that’s positive for us to support because Kacey supports it!