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“High Horse” Music Video

Check out this work of art!!!

“Butterflies” and “Space Cowboy” Music Videos

Kacey put out two music videos over the last week for Butterflies and Space Cowboy. Watch below…

Kacey Performs “High Horse” on Ellen

New Photo Shoots, Interview

Hope everyone had a great Easter holiday & that you’ve been enjoying listening to Golden Hour non-stop! Check out a cute interview Kacey did with Billboard and all the new photo shoots we have in our gallery.

Kacey Musgraves’ New Album “Golden Hour” Out Today!

The day has finally arrived! You can now purchase Golden Hour, stream it, and let your ears & your soul be happy!

We will update the site this weekend with album reviews and song lyrics! But for now, let’s just enjoy the new music!

Comment on this post with your favorite new song!

New Song “High Horse” Lyric Video

New Interviews About “Golden Hour”

It’s super exciting that Golden Hour will be playing through our speakers and headphones in less than a week!! To hold us over until then, have a read through these interviews where Kacey talks about the new album!

Read the full interview from The Fader »

Oh yay! Yeah, I’ve never really wanted to have or have had “relationship songs,” you know? I’ve just been inspired by other parts of life. I mean I’ve had one or two here and there, “Late to the Party” or whatever. But yeah, when I got really happy, I was like, “Man. Am I gonna be able to write anymore?” I was a little bit worried that it was gonna go away, but it kind of turned the opposite corner and inspired me even more. But I also didn’t want the album just to be 20 love songs and bore everybody to death. I liked pulling in other aspects of things, like with “Rainbow,” or “Mother,” or “Space Cowboy.” I mean you gotta still have a little bit of depressing in there somewhere.

Read the full interview from GQ »

I didn’t have any preconceived idea of anything. I just knew that I wanted to follow whatever it was that was inspiring me. I don’t think I’ll ever make the same album twice. It gets boring for me. We’ve been playing the same material out for years now. And though I love those songs—they’re a huge part of me—it’s just natural to ebb and flow. I feel like I’ve always been somebody who can always straddle genre lines, and weave in and out of things.

I feel like when people hear this, they’ll recognize the familiar parts of it that are me but also see this other vision that I had and hopefully they’re along for the ride. I think it’ll bring in new audience. But I also hope that it gives the people who appreciate what I do in country music something to hold onto.

“Golden Hour” Tracklist & More Information

Kacey Musgraves’ highly anticipated new album will be out on March 30th! We have the full tracklist for you to see. What song are you most interested to hear? I’m thinking “Velvet Elvis” – sounds so cool! :) PS: Click on “Butterflies” and “Space Cowboy” to listen! ♥

Here’s what Kacey had to say on her Instagram…

“GOLDEN HOUR. It was replenishingly transformational, magical, trippy, emotional, and FUN making this piece of music with my dear friends @thesilverseas + @tronian (engineered by the ever-so-patient @craigalvin) The album was shot and designed by my little sister @kellychristinesutton in our hometown of Golden, TX ? Two songs SPACE COWBOY (written with @lukerobert + @shanemcanally) and BUTTERFLIES (written with @wruckestrike + @lukerobert) are out today and the whole album will be arriving on March 30th. I can’t wait for you to hear them all.”

The tracklisting is as follows…

01. Slow Burn
02. Lonely Weekend
03. Butterflies
04. Oh, What A World
05. Mother
06. Love Is A Wild Thing
07. Space Cowboy
08. Happy & Sad
09. Velvet Elvis
10. Wonder Woman
11. High Horse
12. Golden Hour
13. Rainbow

We’re already getting into the reviews of the new songs as well. Read some of our faves: Stereo Gum | NPR | Uproxx

While on Instagram today, I realized how many incredible artists are posting about Kacey’s new album as well. It warmed my heart! See some of our favorites below…

There is nothing more attractive than someone continually striving to master their craft. Allowing your creative output to evolve synonymously with who and where you are in your life is essential to the artist who gives a shit about the quality of their platform. But when surrounded by a popular musical climate that encourages complacency and awards the mediocre, it is truly a brave feat. Ever the does-what-she-fucking-wants creative woman, she knows what’s up. As a comrade, I strongly champion this new wonderful work. And the timing and talent of two very special creators, @tronian and @thesilverseas, was the magic in the wind on this thing. They were wild pilots unafraid to fly over the unknown. I can also say, from periodically stopping by the studio, the love for this project and the patience of @craigalvin was indispensable. I couldn’t be more proud. Kacey Lee you special bird. BUY IT LOVE IT DO MUSHROOMS TO IT.

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“Butterflies” and “Space Cowboy” Two New Songs Out Now!

Today’s the day to finally hear new music from Kacey Musgraves! Stream her new songs “Butterflies” and “Space Cowboy” on iTunes now! Kacey also announced today that her new album “Golden Hour” will be released March 30! We are so excited!!

What do you guys think of the new songs? I’ve listened to them both over five times already just riding around in the car. They’re both so different and so beautiful. I can’t wait to hear how incredible the rest of the album will be!

New Photos of Kacey Musgraves by Jamie Nelson

Kacey has posted some incredible new pictures on her Instagram this week! She looks so flawless! We are so excited that she is releasing two new songs tomorrow! We will keep you posted when the songs are released tomorrow! ♥

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