New Interviews About “Golden Hour”

It’s super exciting that Golden Hour will be playing through our speakers and headphones in less than a week!! To hold us over until then, have a read through these interviews where Kacey talks about the new album!

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Oh yay! Yeah, I’ve never really wanted to have or have had “relationship songs,” you know? I’ve just been inspired by other parts of life. I mean I’ve had one or two here and there, “Late to the Party” or whatever. But yeah, when I got really happy, I was like, “Man. Am I gonna be able to write anymore?” I was a little bit worried that it was gonna go away, but it kind of turned the opposite corner and inspired me even more. But I also didn’t want the album just to be 20 love songs and bore everybody to death. I liked pulling in other aspects of things, like with “Rainbow,” or “Mother,” or “Space Cowboy.” I mean you gotta still have a little bit of depressing in there somewhere.

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I didn’t have any preconceived idea of anything. I just knew that I wanted to follow whatever it was that was inspiring me. I don’t think I’ll ever make the same album twice. It gets boring for me. We’ve been playing the same material out for years now. And though I love those songs—they’re a huge part of me—it’s just natural to ebb and flow. I feel like I’ve always been somebody who can always straddle genre lines, and weave in and out of things.

I feel like when people hear this, they’ll recognize the familiar parts of it that are me but also see this other vision that I had and hopefully they’re along for the ride. I think it’ll bring in new audience. But I also hope that it gives the people who appreciate what I do in country music something to hold onto.

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